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100% of Telford & Wrekin local councils are in membership of the Association and 99% in Shropshire. This means that their voice is heard on local issues and at national level.  SALC is constituted to support local councils and parish meetings in the delivery of services to their communities. As it is not a statutory body it has no powers or duties to intervene in the operation of individual councils.  Membership includes:

  • Advice and information to member councils for them to use as they deem appropriate, on a range if subjects including: Legal advice service; Employment advice service; Advice on council administration; Policy consultation and advice; National Circulars and Information Bulletins.
  • Telephone helpline
  • Training - The Association runs an extensive programme of training courses to equip clerks and councillors.
  • National affiliation - Membership of the Association provides affiliation to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) which seeks to represent local councils at national level as well as providing advice on legal and procedural matters, national publications and regular information bulletins.


We positively encourage local councils into membership and will be pleased to quote membership fees on request. 

National Association of Local Councils

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) represents the interests of over 10000 parish and local councils at national level. Through a Service Level Agreement with County Associations, local councils have access to its services.
NALC's offices are in London at 109 Great Russell Street. NALC can be contacted by e-mail through its web site at
The Chief Executive of NALC is Jonathan Owen. He leads a secretariat which includes legal, policy, training and development, finance and administrative staff.
NALC is governed by an elected Council and Executive and chaired by Cllr Sue Baxter. E-mail:
The SALC representative on National Council is Cllr David Beechey. E-mail:
Links are below to SALC Members Service Agreement and NALC's Benefits pack