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Useful Publications

 The Good Councillors Guide 2018 - a must for all councillors.  A useful  booklet which contains basic information about being a councillor and what local councils can, cannot and should be doing. Available from SALC to Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Parish and Town Member Councils at £3.40 per copy plus postage and packing. The booklet can be viewed and downloaded in the Members' Area.

'The Law of Allotments' by Paul Clayden, 5th Edition, ISBN number: 978 0 7219 0143 5

'Local Council Administration' by Charles Arnold Baker, 11th Edition, ISBN/ISSN: 9781474312288

'All about Local Councils' (2011) - An update to the NALC/Electoral Commission booklet ‘All About Local Councils’published in 2007. The new booklet has a slightly more urban slant and whileaimed at a more urban audience is still relevant as a resource to all councils.There are two new case studies. The booklet gives simplified explanations aboutthe role and work of local councils and their councillors, explains the electoral process and provides a number of case studies highlighting the work of a selection of local council.

Whatever Yeah! (2009) - A booklet highlighting just some of the innovative approaches taken by local councils to better represent young people in their local area. You may find this document useful if you are looking for some inspiration locally or are just curious about the different ways that local councils represent young people.

What Next for Localism (2012) - NALC and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Local Democracy launched an inquiry into the conceptof Localism with a specific focus on the role of local councils.

Localism in Practice 3 (2011) - Booklet showcasing how some councils are embracing the concepts of Localism.

Governance Toolkit for Parish and Town Councils March 2009 intended for use as a easy reference guide.



The Good Councillors Guide to Neighbourhood Planning   Member - £4 per copy        Non-member - £5 per copy

Being a Good Employer - Member - £3 per copy        Non-member - £5 per copy

The Good Councillors Guide to Finance and Transparency   Member - £4 per copy         Non-member  £5 per copy