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SALC notes for job applicants and Councils as employers

Interviews are a two way process – is the candidate a good fit for the employing council and is the council right for the candidate?  These notes may be of help to minimise the risk of an unsuccessful appointment.

Councils:  Please ensure there is a mechanism in place for appraisal, objective setting and induction of new employees

Applicants:  Please familarise yourself with the Council's website, its action plans, news and minutes over the last year so that you informed when attending interview,

At interview:  Please consider questions for the interview panel, this is the opportunity to explore whether the job is for you, typical questions could cover:

a)  What will you expect the successful candidate to achieve in the first 3 to 6 months?

b)  How do you deal with staff appraisal?

c)  Whilst the Council as a whole would be my employer, who would be my point of contact on a day to day basis?

d)  What is the Council’s attitude towards assisted qualification training?


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