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NALC warns parish capping will damage communities


We understand the government is concerned about increases in parish precepts, which rose by 6.1% this year – total precepts are now £445 million, £36 million more than in 2015/16.

In our view these figures illustrates how our councils are continuing to invest in local communities, with increases in many cases attributable to making up for a shortfall in council tax support funding, a general expansion of their role and use of powers, and in particular delivering new services, often taken on from principal councils.

However there is a view by some in government  who believe referendum principles should be applied to higher spending local councils or indeed all of them. We fundamentally disagree with this and have so far been successful in ensuring local councils are not brought within this regime.

Yesterday we issued a press release about the proposals to get our position and message out early.

We will be analysing the consultation when it is published and issuing a further update.

NALC warns parish capping will damage communities
20th September 2016


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